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Car Batteries, Starting & Charging

Car Battery Replacement

Battery replacement at Car Fix Center is quick and easy. Have a professional mechanic perform your car’s battery installation by scheduling an appointment online or over the phone.

Your car’s battery is the source of power for many crucial components in your vehicle, whether it’s a commuter car or a working truck, new battery or old. Remember to have regular car battery inspections and services performed regularly to save you both time and money on maintenance and lasting value with a car battery replacement.

A battery check every oil change can prevent you from getting stranding out on the road, and a planned battery replacement for an auto is better than an emergency date.

Car Battery Service

Some “Do-It-Yourself-ers” can perform these operations with all of the needed tools and equipment. Otherwise, save time and money by visiting your nearest Meineke service center. Have any needed repairs done by a trained and experienced technician without the hassle of performing the fix at home.

Battery diagnostics and maintenance includes:

  • Visual and physical inspection for loose connections, dirt and corrosion
  • Disconnecting and cleaning cable ends and battery terminals
  • Applying a protective coating to prevent moisture and delay corrosion
  • Replacement of worn or damaged cable ends
  • Tightening cables to battery for optimal connection
  • Testing to measure performance in harsh weather conditions

Batteries FAQs

Why does my battery in my car keep dying?

Having a dead car battery is always frustrating. Having a series of dead batteries, though, is a clear sign that there’s a deeper issue. Some possible reasons for dead car batteries include a faulty charging system (alternator) or extremes in hot and cold temperatures. Taking your car for frequent short drives can also cause the battery life to diminish considerably.

What can drain a battery when it’s off?

There are a number of things that can drain your vehicle battery life, even when the car is turned off. Some of the major ones to consider include bad charging, due to a faulty alternator; a defective alternator diode; or a battery that’s simply very old and no longer able to hold much of a charge. Any of these can cause the battery to die, even when you’re not running the vehicle.

Is it a dead battery or alternator?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you have a bad battery or a bad alternator. Certainly, if you have a series of failed batteries all in a row, that points to the alternator. Additionally, try jumping your car. If the battery dies while the car is still running, that means the alternator isn’t doing its job properly, and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Can a car battery recharge itself?

While car batteries don’t recharge themselves, your car does have a part called the alternator, which exists to help your battery maintain its charge. If you have multiple battery failures, it could be that the real problem is with the alternator. Reach out to Meineke to schedule a service appointment and get your alternator diagnosed and repaired as it’s needed.

How can you tell if a battery is good or not?

There are a number of clear indicators that your car battery is bad, or is about to go bad. These include an engine that cranks but doesn’t start; a car that won’t crank or start at all; or a car that starts fine one day but has trouble the next. Additionally, if you’ve had to jump your car a lot, or find that cold cranking is hard work, that points to a potential battery issue.

Is my battery dead if the lights turn on?

If your lights are turning on, then your car battery probably isn’t dead—but it may be on its way out. If those lights are dimmer than usual, that’s a telltale sign of pending battery failure. And of course, difficulty getting the vehicle to crank or to start points to a looming battery failure, regardless of whether or not the lights still come on.

If your battery has adequate capacity but still is losing its charge, further testing is required. Please contact us to book an appointment today!